Warcraft Less Traveled #35 – Reins of the Grey Camel Mount

Episode #35 Timecapsule: Earning the mysterious Reins of the Grey Camel Mount is a monumental feat for all Azeroth explorers. This elusive riding mount can only be obtained by finding one of Uldum’s Mysterious Camel Figurines, teleporting to the secret Steam Pools sub-zone, and defeating a WoW World mini-boss, named Dormus the Camel Hoarder. With some patience – and a lot of luck – the Reins of the Grey Camel can become part of your collection of Cataclysm mounts.

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2 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #35 – Reins of the Grey Camel Mount”

  1. Warcraft Less Traveled » Blog Archive » Warcraft Less Traveled #55 – Steam Pools Resort Says:

    […] associated with the Steam Pools Resort – aside from this sub-zone’s use during the Mysterious Grey Camel Figurine event. The Steam Pools is a fun, in-game destination that showcases dwarves, humans, blood elves, and […]

  2. Yani Says:

    Hey thanks for this, I never knew about it in WoW.

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