Warcraft Less Traveled #5 – Tanaris Underwater Mining Village

Episode #5 Timecapsule: One of the rarest ocean discoveries in all of Azeroth, a lucky healer may be able to reach the ocean floor & explore this sunken village.

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6 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #5 – Tanaris Underwater Mining Village”

  1. Dyana Says:

    just listened to this episode, good stuff. I explored the area using my hunter with a deep dive helmet to stay underwater and chain casting eagle eye (though a shaman with water breathing and chain casting farsight would work too). I was looking around the described area and noticed something off in the distance, I explored and discovered a second set of buildings. This group included the goblin observatory with the twisty telescope, and a small goblin hut with pineapple wallpaper. To get there i started on the small island with Winkey (located @ 65.7, 64.1) and headed south east towards the compass stopping just before the fatigue zone. I began chain casting eagle eye towards the compass to get to the mining village you described. continue casting south east toward the dark blue water in your mini-map, you should see the observatory in the distance after the first cast if you went sufficiently far. check it out, its kind of neat.

  2. Eye Floaters Says:

    I love your website – great job!

  3. Eeyore Says:

    I’ve been meaning to and i finally went there on my druid. Popping in and out of aquatic for to get me breathing back and using the instant cast hots i was more than able to make the trip and back. It was a lot of fun and worth the trip.

  4. kamtastic Says:

    I was saddened to discover post-cata a water wall of stoppage has been erected blocking access to this area.

  5. Skolnick Says:

    Hi Kamtastic –
    I agree. Quite sad. I think that the use of the “invisible wall” was slowly introduced to a number of locations in the months following the Cata release. I say this because I a number of places that I was revisiting were still permitting access… now, these places (such as the Underwater Mining Village) are blocked from exploration.
    Thanks for listening to the show!

  6. Tanaris Underwater Mining Village - WoW, I'm Lost! Says:

    […] Jen on Jan.18, 2012, under photo, text, video In episode number five of Skolnick’s Warcraft Less Traveled podcast, he talked about the Tanaris Underwater Mining […]

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