Warcraft Less Traveled #71 – Martin’s Thunder & GM Legendaries

Episode #71: Throughout the history of WoW, many legendary items have existed in game for players to acquire from epic quests and achievements. However, a small number of Blizzard GM (game master) items have been uncovered and prove to be the most elusive of all. Discovered in the WoW Armory, Crafty’s Pole grants the Azeroth fisherman +1000 to their fishing skill. Peep the Outland Phoenix was one of the original 310% flight speed mounts used by GMs back during the Burning Crusade days. When it comes to the legendary weapon of choice, there is a good chance that the wielded item equipped by a materializing GM was an Artifact called Martin’s Thunder. Sadly Martin’s Thunder was removed from game with patch 3.3 – replaced with the self-destructive Martin’s Broken Staff.

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