Warcraft Less Traveled #78 – Gokk’lok Shell

Episode #78: Off the coast of the Dreadwastes zone, an enormous NPC, named Gokk’lok, conceals a secret. This neutral, elite rare clam is found in the subzone titled the Gokk’lok Shallows at coordinates (27, 16). Although Gokk’lok shows no signs of aggression, any adventurer who attempts to attack this creature will need to defend off several waves of lvl 90 protectors. Once defeated, Gokk’lok presents a hidden quest called Promises of Gold. Unlike other quest reward items, this special vanity item – Gokk’lok’s Shell – contains unlimited charges. This bind on pickup item will cause a 2-minute buff that does two interesting things: 1) A giant clam shell materializes around your character, 2) While inside this shell, your toon appears *without* any of your clothes. The Gokk’lok Shell may be one of Pandaria’s most interesting (and conversation starting) items to ever appear in game.

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3 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #78 – Gokk’lok Shell”

  1. Nightwill Says:

    Delightful and informative. I wonder if the shell changes size based on your character size.

  2. Shannen Crane Camp Says:

    Your description in the beginning cracked me up :) “If this is your idea of fun”.

  3. crashmurdoch Says:

    I found your podcast recently and was instantly hooked. I just wish they were a little longer! keep up the good work!

    It would be interesting if you discussed the Corrupted Ashbringer and the Scarlet Monastery event that are no longer in game. It was a very interesting secret quest.

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