Warcraft Less Traveled #60 – Nagrand Orphanage

Posted in Podcast Episodes on November 21st, 2011 by Skolnick

Episode #60 Timecapsule: A bizarre destination is hidden high in the hills of northern Nagrand. Found at coordinates (51,14), the Nagrand Orphanage is home to an NPC troll named Challe. Visitors to this remote vista will discover that Challe is watching over a great number of babies from both factions – orc, night elf, troll, and tauren. The camp is setup with a furnished troll house, large sandbox, and a unique circular-swing (currently occupied by riding tauren infants). A closer look at this cheery haven for children may reveal a darker underbelly… small bones scattered around the camp, a large cooking stew, and various cages containing tiny childlike skeletons inside.

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Warcraft Less Traveled #59 – Blizzcon 2011, Part 2

Posted in Podcast Episodes on November 8th, 2011 by Skolnick

Episode #59 Timecapsule: The journey continues in this second part of Skolnick’s travel to Blizzcon 2011. Companionship is discovered with friends from both factions: Hasteur and Apsana from the Alliance, Cow and OldScratch from the Horde. The quest to find the Grand Archmage Morhaime within the Blizzcon convention center was a difficult one. Inside the enormous Anaheim Convention Center, all explorers encounter a sensory overload. The Blizzcon event was incredible and breath-taking. However, does Skolnick finally meet Morheime? Or will he need to return next year to search out the famed paladin named Ghostcrawler?

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