Warcraft Less Traveled #66 – The Unseen

Posted in Podcast Episodes on April 2nd, 2012 by Skolnick

Episode #66 Lost Adventurers Journal: Found in the Duskwood village of Raven Hill, a number of invisible specters haunt the shadows. The ghostly creatures, called The Unseen, are unknown to most players in Azeroth today. Only explorers who use detect invisibility (or similar) spells will have the opportunity to witness this hidden NPC in game. The Unseen live up to their name and make the old houses in Raven Hill truly haunted.

  • This Warcraft Less Traveled episode was produced for the Darkmoon Herald Podcast. The Darkmoon Herald is a WoW podcast hosted by my great friends Kevin, Apsana, and Walsh. I highly recommend you take a listen and subscribe to their full show on iTunes or at DarkmoonHerald.com

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