Warcraft Less Traveled #12 – Bengal Tiger Cave of Stranglethorn Vale

Episode #12 Timecapsule: A Stranglethorn Vale waterfall is not the only hidden destination in the eastern mountains of the zone. A long standing rumor exists that in a remote cave, near the waterfall, a rare vendor spawns to sell the lucky explorer a unique Bengal Tiger Mount. Is this an Azeroth urban legend or is obtaining this Bengal Tiger really possible?

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4 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #12 – Bengal Tiger Cave of Stranglethorn Vale”

  1. astrogringo Says:

    Hopefully you will find some other podcasts willing to host Warcraft less traveled! Or, failing that, continue independently!
    Best luck!

  2. silentbooger Says:

    i cannot seem to find the water fall following what i coul understand of your path so i never found the cave but i persisted and tried numerous different angles. I managed to get to a path that went around the tainted scar but led me back to the blasted lands. Another of my paths was the large flat path in the mountains south of the blasted lands. this onyl took to the other side of ZG and no further. Could i requets that you show your path on a map of the blasted lands and then continued on one of STV.

  3. Myths and Urban Legends in WoW – The Bengal Tiger Cave | Ironyca Stood in the Fire Says:

    […] you listen to the Warcraft Less Traveled #12, you can hear expert explorer Skolnick seek out this specific location back pre-shattering, before […]

  4. Numerous Says:

    I went looking for this cave, post-Cataclysm. Although the path itself is still there, the cave entrance is barely seen covered, presumably, by a rockslide.

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