Warcraft Less Traveled #14 – Haunted Children of Goldshire

Episode #14 Timecapsule: It was a dark and stormy night in the sleepy town in Elwynn Forest. The Goldshire Children, often called the Demon Children, haunt the surrounding forest and cottage at the edge of Crystal Lake. What mystery surrounds their strange actions the possibility that they represent something more evil?

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5 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #14 – Haunted Children of Goldshire”

  1. Humpy Says:

    Let me know how friday the 13 went!! =D

  2. Belexie Says:

    Holy crap that creeped me out! I didn’t know about this and decided to check it out this evening. Should have left the lights on…. There is a friday the 13th coming up and I’ve already set a reminder for myself to check it out. I love this sort of stuff! Thanks for all you do, I really enjoy your podcast.

  3. Skolnick Says:

    Thanks Belexie! The whole thing is quite bizarre, huh? If you happen to discover something interesting on the 13th, please let us all know. You’d think after all this time, their parents would become curious where they ‘disappear’ to each night…
    Thanks for supporting the show.

  4. krizhek Says:

    The creepy children of goldshire will appear here randomly outside of Friday the 13. However a mystery of them actually having something invisible in the middle goes unsolved.

  5. Cym (@Cymre) Says:

    that is so creepy… I’m glad it’s the 14th for me now :P

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