Warcraft Less Traveled #15 – In Loving Memory and The Phoenix of Ezra

Episode #15 Timecapsule: Ezra Phoenix Chatterton and Anthony Stark (In Loving Memory) help us remember that we are all part of a tight Azeroth community that shares a common dream. Ezra is forever immortalized as the boy who rode the first Pheonix mount and now lives eternal as the voice of Ahab Wheathoof. Blizzard and the Make a Wish Foundation helped make his dream come true. Take time to visit these lasting tributes… it goes to the heart of what exploring Less Traveled Azeroth is all about…

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2 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #15 – In Loving Memory and The Phoenix of Ezra”

  1. JJ Says:


    Have you heard what will happen to Rousch’s memorial after xpack? What about Ezra’s quests?

  2. Skolnick Says:

    I have not seen the final results in Cataclysm beta, but I expect important memorials like ‘In Loving Memory’ & Ezra’s quest to always remain in Azeroth. Thanks for your question and supporting the show!

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