Warcraft Less Traveled #22 – Stonetalon Logging Camp

Episode #22 Timecapsule: The Stonetalon Mountain zone has long been hiding a secret area on its western coast. Tucked in its rugged landscape is an abandoned logging camp, high elven ruins, small troll camp, and unusual cave that hides a transparent wall.

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3 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #22 – Stonetalon Logging Camp”

  1. Lady Erinia Says:

    Wow, I actually just posted this a few days ago on my blog about my own journey to this camp. Hmm.

  2. Vicheal Says:

    This is the first lost WoW area I have attempted to reach, bloody hard climb but I managed it! with a DK tank and no slow-fall methods available. It was an awesome sort of quaint to find a little bit of WoW that nearly was, but never quite made it… THANK YOU for finding this and peaking my interest in finding it.

  3. Thyethan Says:

    With cata the logging camp was removed but the troll hut and elf ruins rstill there. :p

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