Warcraft Less Traveled #25 – Wetlands Dwarven Farm

Episode #25 Timecapsule: Tucked into the southern edge of the Wetlands zone, a secret farm is tended by dwarven farmers. The farm and surrounding plateau can only be accessed by descending the mountain up from Dun Morogh’s Ironforge Airport. The landscape comes complete with ram stable, icy waterfall (with skeleton behind), roaming farm animals, Ironforge guards and inaccessible mountainside homes. Besides a unique road-sign, any visitor to this destination should travel the one-way trip into the infamous ‘Tunnel to Nowhere’.

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One Response to “Warcraft Less Traveled #25 – Wetlands Dwarven Farm”

  1. Jason Says:

    Just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed these podcasts. I just wanted to suggest some currently unreachable locations that you could talk about at some point in the future. I’m referring to locations such as old Iron Forge, the upside down area in Karazhan, etc…

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