Warcraft Less Traveled #26 – Beggar’s Haunt

Episode #26 Timecapsule: Beggar’s Haunt is one of Azeroth’s best kept mysteries. This location is hidden in the hills of northeastern Duskwood – complete with unmarked tombstone, waterfall, pond, giant statues, stone archways, and solitary Horde outpost tower. The exact purpose and lore behind this eerie destination remains a puzzle to all explorers of less traveled Azeroth.

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2 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #26 – Beggar’s Haunt”

  1. Eamardrick - Norgannon Says:

    This looks like the grave of one of Five Brothers…

  2. Rellayne Says:

    There is a npc called Unkown Soldier, and will kill anyone who comes near. now from catas release

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