Warcraft Less Traveled #27 – Badlands Crypt of Conan

Episode #27 Timecapsule: Tucked into the rust-colored mountains of the Badlands zone is a mysterious crypt that shelters a skeleton king and stone throne. Curious explorers will need to find a natural, unmarked trail up through the hills to discover this out-of-game reference to the story of Conan the Barbarian.

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8 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #27 – Badlands Crypt of Conan”

  1. Chris Says:

    When you give coodinates, what addon are you using? I myself am a a explore myself. and would love to find this as well. Thank you for such a great podcast.

  2. Halsted Says:

    First thanks for helping find all these truly great places. The Crypt did survive the Shattering, however one minor change was made the campfire Does burn you now. just one small thing I found.

    Thanks again

  3. Skolnick Says:

    Very glad you are enjoying the episodes! The WoW addon I use to track the coordinates is called TomTom. It’s very light-weight and adds a directional arrow, along with X,Y coordinates (numbers) on the UI. Hope this helps you and let me know if you have any other questions.

  4. Skolnick Says:

    Interesting. I’ll be sure to add that subtle difference (pre/post Shattering) to a future broadcast. I’m hoping at some point to have future episodes that compare the “original” locations with what exists after the Shattering. Should be fun. Thank you for listening & hope to hear from you again!

  5. Trufax Says:

    coords on my mod (TomTom) are : 51.4, 35.0

  6. Cym (@Cymre) Says:

    This is one of the locations from The Last Relic of Argus. You can read more about it here: http://bubblesofmischief.wordpress.com/2011/12/14/the-last-relic-of-argus/

  7. Skolnick Says:

    Awesome! I was not aware of the connection of this crype to the Argus Relic… thank you for the info.

    Best regards.

  8. Cym (@Cymre) Says:

    Just letting you know that my blog address has changed: http://www.bubblesofmischief.com

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