Warcraft Less Traveled #36 – Critter War of the Mulgore Plateau

Episode #36 Timecapsule: High up in a secluded mountain plateau of northwestern Mulgore, the ordinary critters of Azeroth have gone to war with one another. With a little patience, explorers have the opportunity to witness this very bizarre scene for themselves. Regular critters mutate in size, equip battle gear, and attack each other. When this strange situation develops, the rabbits hold miniature axes, the field mouse population wield dual shotguns, and the prairie dogs charge with knives. Watching this secret event unfold is quite a funny sight to see… not to mention a little bit disturbing…

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5 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #36 – Critter War of the Mulgore Plateau”

  1. Eeyore Says:

    the rabbits of DOOM!

  2. Eeyore Says:

    Rabbits of DOOM!!!

  3. Corgi Says:

    Not entirely true it can only be reached by flying – my Tauren managed to scramble up there relatively barehooved (no jumping from airships), but I can’t remember for certain whether it was from outside or inside Mulgore that she was travelling.

    The secret path from Lake Dumont into Mulgore? Unfortunately now, that requires at least water-walking to get oneself up onto dry land. Getting into the lake itself merely requires another scramble, though.

    The Tauren valley’s a little more permeable than we’re led to believe.

  4. Bobby Says:

    You forgot another thing in Mulgore there is a hidden hut with a camp fire and a hidden cave that you can go in you can see this hidden area if you take a flight from Orgrimmar to Thunder bluff or take the zeppelin from Orgimmar to Thunder bluff.

  5. Golora Says:

    I would like to mention that there is also a rock in this same area that has a primitive drawing of a bovine on one side. On the other side are three tauren hand prints and what appears to be a drawing of a bovine form of centaur type figure.

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