Warcraft Less Traveled #2 – Azshara Crater

Episode #2 Timecapsule:  Exploring the forgotten battleground in lonely Azshara, The Azshara Crater.

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3 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #2 – Azshara Crater”

  1. Storminights Says:

    When this podcast was made & when my laptop actually worked & didn’t shut down on me, I was able to get up & into the crater from the Horde side, just last month in June 18, 2010. Since they have added new content, I haven’t tried again to go there, but when I was there, I did take a bunch of screen shots. I will have to see if I can get them up on flickr somehow without my laptop shutting itself down.
    I made it inside the crater on my Winterspring Frostsaber Mount on my 80 NE Warrior “Melina” on the Trollbane Realm.
    Do you happen to know about the small Dwarven Settlement in Winterspring along the Oceans Wall right above where those Frost Giants are? If not, the next time you’re in Winterspring, take a direct flight to Rachet. The FP goes right over top of that small settlement. One time I swore I saw Dwaves there, but not since.

    Good Luck & love the travel stories!! =) =D

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