Warcraft Less Traveled #41 – Key to the Searing Gorge

Episode #41 Timecapsule: In the earliest days of WoW, a fiery NPC named Mountaineer Pebblebitty @(18,84) used to start explorers down the road to discovering a prized shortcut through the southern Loch Modan mountains. This long forgotten quest chain allowed explorers the chance to battle an elite thunder lizard named Margol the Rager. Only after this classic quest-line was complete were you respected enough by Pebblebitty to earn a special Key to the Searing Gorge. The unique key not only unlocked the gated passageway between Loch Modan and the Searing Gorge, but having it in your possession meant that you faced the the ‘challenging’ personality of Pebblebitty… and won.

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2 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #41 – Key to the Searing Gorge”

  1. kamtastic Says:

    Another great episode! I thoroughly enjoy listening to your podcast and fondly remembering past adventures alone and with friends.

  2. Skolnick Says:

    This long forgotten quest-line and tunnel brings back good memories for me, too. Nothing quite like Ms. Pebblebitty’s jolly attitude to bring back the warm feelings of vanilla WoW adventuring.

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