Warcraft Less Traveled #45 – Nessy and the Deeprun Tram

Episode #45 Timecapsule: Aside from hosting a single low-level quest and providing an inexpensive way to travel between Ironforge and Stormwind, the Deeprun Tram is also home to a few rarely seen creatures. In the subterranean-lake portion of the tunnel, the water hides a Naga Siren, a Basking Shark, a gnomish Deeprun Diver, and a sunken treasure chest. Yet, the most elusive resident is Nessy – the boss-level Thesher sea monster. Nessy, a clear reference to the famous creature of Loch Ness, lives a secretive life. Here in Azeroth, Nessy happily hides deep in the watery depths of the Deeprun Tram, waiting to be discovered by a brave explorer!

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One Response to “Warcraft Less Traveled #45 – Nessy and the Deeprun Tram”

  1. Nite Says:

    In recent one on the deeprun tram, the redesigns to the landscape have fixed the tram as it now would run under the sea area that is north of SW.

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