Warcraft Less Traveled #46 – Hideout of Hermit Ortell

Episode #46 Timecapsule: Named after Hermit Ortell, the secret mountain cave in eastern Dun Morogh was once titled Ortell’s Hideout. Not to be confused with WoW’s original “Ortell’s Hideout” cave found in Silithus, this mysterious Dun Morogh location was seen by very few players before the Cataclysm. Since the Shattering, the cave still exists in game – at coordinates 95,42 – but has been renamed “The Mountain Den”. Not only was this destination a difficult place for explorers to find before flying mounts, but entering Ortell’s Hideout in Dun Morogh used to automatically ‘zone’ you into the general chat channel of Silithus… strange magic indeed…

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4 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #46 – Hideout of Hermit Ortell”

  1. Mildred Wilson Says:

    Do you have also transcripts of the Podcast?

  2. Skolnick Says:

    Greetings! Not quite. Before each recording, I spend a great deal of time traveling to the location – taking screen captures, noting the surroundings, comparing things that may have changed from years gone by, map coordinates, and taking general notes on how to best present the destination (or NPC, etc.). Next, I organize my notes into bullet-point outline to keep myself on track and (hopefully!) focused on the fun aspects of the episode.

    So, in a way, yes – I have notes from each show I’ve put together, but not in a ‘script’ format that I wish I had. I’m hoping that when they finally add that “extra day” between Saturday & Sunday, I’ll take advantage of it to add a ton of material to this site for each show. This way, some of the most important features are in text form as well. :-)

    If there is anything specific that you need help with regarding any episode, feel free to contact me & I’ll do my best to help you out.
    Best regards & thanks for the message!

  3. kamtastic Says:

    I remember countless days farming up those encrypted text to get a chance at the runed stygian tailoring patterns, and spending brief and often frustrating moments with Ortell in Silithus. Who knew he had a vacation cave? :)

  4. Skolnick Says:

    Of course! Nothing says ‘vacation home’ (for a little bit of skiing) like a cozy cave in Dun Morogh.

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