Warcraft Less Traveled #52 – Whispering Forest’s Faerie Dragon Song

Episode #52 Timecapsule: The subzone of Whispering Forest, in the Tirisfal Glades zone, holds a mysterious destination and in-game event. A strange ring of glowing mushrooms can be found on the forest floor at coordinates @(17,68). At this location, seven Fey-Drunk Darters (Faerie Dragons) occasionally appear outside the ring of mushrooms. Patient explorers are given a special surprise event by the Faerie Dragons if they watch long enough. Approximately every 6 hours, the Fey Darter Dragons face into the center of the mushroom ring and begin projecting a magical golden light of magic (or song) into the center. In the center of the mushroom ring, an NPC appears called the Faerie Circle. The in-game music changes to a unique song that is heard nowhere else in Azeroth. As the music plays, golden musical ‘notes’ appear over the heads of each of the Faerie Dragons… almost as if the Faerie Dragons were singing the song. The special Faerie event here ends in 3 minutes time – the Faerie Circle disappears, the Fey-Drunk Darters vanish, and the music fades away. At the time of this recording, there is no known reason or in-game lore tie to explain this amazing event.

Fey-Drunk Darter Music Event (Faerie Dragon Song)

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12 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #52 – Whispering Forest’s Faerie Dragon Song”

  1. Khristin Says:

    This may sound like it takes a lot of time to find, and it can, but it is well worth the effort. The event is as beautiful as it is mysterious.

  2. Syrco Says:

    Can’t get that macro to work.

  3. Syrco Says:

    Or wait, now it works, think you used the wrong ” signs. /script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\\Music\\Cataclysm\\MUS_41_faeriedragon_UE01.mp3″) works.

  4. Skolnick Says:

    Glad you could get it to work! I have been successful using
    /script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\\Music\\Cataclysm\\MUS_41_faeriedragon_UE01.mp3″)

    Best regards.

  5. Khristin Says:

    For some reason known only to computers the second ” is coming up as a strange symbol in all the scripts when I cut and paste from the site.
    If you stick it into a text file you can fix it so the end says 1.mp3″) like it should.

  6. Bobby Says:

    On the podcast we can only get episodes 12 and up, were can we get the first 11?

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  8. Rahf Says:

    Love this find, and was curious about all the rest you’ve posted so I had a look-see. I may have missed it, but you haven’t done one on the orphanage in Nagrand!

  9. anthylorrel Says:

    Very accurate information with the spawn times. I decided to go check this out, since I had done all 25 of my dailies, and had nothing better to do. I arrived at the mushroom circle at around 5:30am. At 5:55, the first Darter spawned. All 7 were spawned by the time 6:40 floated around. I waited a little more, and to my dismay, around 7:45 AM, the server announce it would be going down in 15 minutes. I was sure I would miss it. But, at 7:56am, almost 2 hours exactly after the first darter spawned, it happened. If you look up as this is going on, you can witness the sky changing as well as the deer gathering. They finished just before the server came down, and I watched the animals that had gathered, disburse, like nothing had happened.

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  11. Hesperos Says:

    Fantastic. I had always wanted to go to this place before cataclysm. I knew there had to be something in this large expanse of land. So I came on my druid to look around. I found the deer at level 80 which I thought was strange, saw the circle, didn’t think too much about it. Noticed the plane in the lake and the fishing guy. I began to look around some more, I saw the level 84 bear that really sparked my interest.

    So I lingered around and noticed the zone was called the whispering forest. (which I assumed was related to the Old Gods) As I sat in the mushroom circle pondering what meaning this could all have, maybe an abandoned quest zone idea, the darters began to appear. I waited patiently as one after another showed up. I was beginning to think that’s all that would happen then suddenly the deer gathered round and the singing commenced. I was shocked and pleased. It’s things like this that have kept me playing WoW all these years and I hope and wish they’d add more and more. It’s nice to discover secrets like this once in a while.

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