Warcraft Less Traveled #53 – Whispering Forest Mysteries

Episode #53 Timecapsule: Besides the bizarre Faerie Mushroom Circle found in its center, the subzone of Whispering Forest contains a handful of other mysterious things that all Azeroth explorers should make time to investigate. These include a solitary Tirisfal Bear patrolling the southern mountain range, an abandoned fishing camp on the lake’s small island, and a submerged airplane-wreck or gnomish design.

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3 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #53 – Whispering Forest Mysteries”

  1. Cameryn Says:

    On my guild “Wyrmrest Accord.” Which is useually known as the most popular RP Realm other than Moonguard but also better sence Moonguards high amount of ERP, there is a guild named “The Whispering Circle.” Founded by a High Elf named Zeldoria Songrunner. Within the guild they use this location as there “RP home” as a sanctuary for nomadic High Elves- yet still allowing other Race’s to join for there cause of peace. They believe the ritual to be one of a healing nature for all who attend or enter- but also if assisted by other magic users- the ring could be used as a portal to perhaps a Secret kingdom or zone.

  2. Cameryn Says:

    Sorry at the beggining I ment *on my realm

  3. willilius Says:

    It is a male orc skeleton yeah its a bit of a late reply but you know just discovered this awesome site.

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