Warcraft Less Traveled #54 – Black Bear Camp and Dun Morogh Tree

Episode #54 Timecapsule: Found in a secluded valley below the snow-capped mountains, explorers can discover the location of the “Dun Morogh Tree”. Situated not far from this unique Dun Morogh Tree, at coordinates (30.7, 25.7), a dwarven campsite has been overrun by a family of black bear. These black bear, a type found only in this frosty mountain valley, have chased two dwarves out of this camp and up the Dun Morogh Tree. The dwarves, named Jermaine Buckey and Anton Buckey, have found themselves hopelessly trapped in the tree by the attacking bears. Their humorous banter, concerning their predicament, highlights another secret location found in WoW that adds character and charm to Azeroth.

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6 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #54 – Black Bear Camp and Dun Morogh Tree”

  1. ScannaTheMage Says:

    I absolutely had to check this one out after you mentioned it and spent about 30 minutes looking around. I found if you did “/target dun” for a brief moment you could target the tree. I only got it to work twice.

    Also I can explain the rabbit bit. Remember before Cata, we had those earthquakes? Well those were actually caused by Rabbits. I’m being completely serious here, there were invisible, nontargetable, NPCs that were invisible rabbits. For a while there was a bug where you could /target them also, but it was quickly fixed. Blizzard will often take these animations or spells from an unknown source and make them come from invisible rabbits. The Faerie Circle in the Whispering Woods is also a rabbit. The whirling spell at the top of Dalaran when Algalon is killed…Also a rabbit. Blizzard loves rabbits.

  2. Lachlan Says:

    What a great accidental find!

    Warcraft Less Travelled is one of my favourite podcasts.

  3. Cataclysm Secrets and Hidden Locations | Ironyca Stood in the Fire Says:

    […] is the first to have noticed this addition that came along the 4.1.0 patch back in April this year. His #54 podcast tells the story of the interesting discovery of this very much amusing location, hidden away in the Northwestern […]

  4. Ironyca Says:

    I’m speechless, it’s an amazing find!!! And even so long after it was actually added.

    After having listened to this (always great) podcast I was completely hyped to go on an exploration trip myself. I went to the many blank areas in Stonetalon Mountains, especially the tauren peace pipe hut, hoping the resident had come home (he or she hadn’t), and the western part which carries a resemblance to the other similar areas that have now had additions installed, I’m thinking of the Whispering Forest in Silverpine and this one. However, nothing new.

    I’d say, keep an eye on the other under-developed crittertastic areas, something might pop up one day.

  5. Skolnick Says:

    Thank you Lachlan & Ironyca.

    In addition, I cannot stress this enough – go check out Ironyca’s blog. Top notch WoW news, topics, exploration notes, and all-around great stuff. Enough quality to make Johnny Awesome proud.

    Best regards!

  6. KJ Says:

    I have tried to find this for a while now and I get to the end of the valley and all there is … is a drop off. What am I missing?

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