Warcraft Less Traveled #55 – Steam Pools Resort

Episode #55 Timecapsule: Introduced in the southern mountains of Feralas with patch 4.1, the Gadgetzan Goblins have founded a hidden “vacation” destination called The Steam Pools Resort. Run by gobin Resort Director Lasha Gearwheel, the Steam Pools is a well designed subzone @(70,73) that is formed around a number of warm mountain lakes. The resort is made up a numerous NPC vacation houses, a Head Chef NPC named Gordon Tramsay, an NPC named Johnny Awesome, a large sandy beach, and dozens of horde/alliance NPC races found relaxing near the lakeshore. There are no current quests/achievements associated with the Steam Pools Resort – aside from this sub-zone’s use during the Mysterious Grey Camel Figurine event. The Steam Pools is a fun, in-game destination that showcases dwarves, humans, blood elves, and Tauran NPC clad in swimsuits and bikinis… whether you were prepared to see them, or not.

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3 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #55 – Steam Pools Resort”

  1. ScannaTheMage Says:

    Every week I find myself wanting to hear more of your voice, kinda soothing… no homo…

    But to my post…

    I actually found that the pools before the NPCs to be more fun. I play on a Roleplaying server and while it may seem like an awesome place for RP… It really killed the mood. It used to be far away, calm, quiet, relaxing… but now it’s full of silly NPCs thaat really make the game feel…. weaker for me. Even from a nonRPer stance, I find that Blizzard goes overboard with the silly at times(example, Uldum) I really wish they had kept this a calm and quiet area.

    Also, if you head up the hill, you can find a giant bird’s next with bones, blood and cracked eggs.

  2. quindo Says:

    I am curious to know what is up with the Lucky Bucket NPC.

  3. Edenvale Says:

    I stumbled upon this place while doing archaeology. I stripped off all my gear and went for a swim. The water is warm and soothing, I felt refreshed & ready to fight.

    I love listening to your voice too.

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