Warcraft Less Traveled #59 – Blizzcon 2011, Part 2

Episode #59 Timecapsule: The journey continues in this second part of Skolnick’s travel to Blizzcon 2011. Companionship is discovered with friends from both factions: Hasteur and Apsana from the Alliance, Cow and OldScratch from the Horde. The quest to find the Grand Archmage Morhaime within the Blizzcon convention center was a difficult one. Inside the enormous Anaheim Convention Center, all explorers encounter a sensory overload. The Blizzcon event was incredible and breath-taking. However, does Skolnick finally meet Morheime? Or will he need to return next year to search out the famed paladin named Ghostcrawler?

One Response to “Warcraft Less Traveled #59 – Blizzcon 2011, Part 2”

  1. Iomhar Says:

    Love your podcast – topics – format – length. Perfect
    I have now caught up with all the archives! Sorry I missed some of the pre-Cata locations that are gone now.

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