Warcraft Less Traveled #60 – Nagrand Orphanage

Episode #60 Timecapsule: A bizarre destination is hidden high in the hills of northern Nagrand. Found at coordinates (51,14), the Nagrand Orphanage is home to an NPC troll named Challe. Visitors to this remote vista will discover that Challe is watching over a great number of babies from both factions – orc, night elf, troll, and tauren. The camp is setup with a furnished troll house, large sandbox, and a unique circular-swing (currently occupied by riding tauren infants). A closer look at this cheery haven for children may reveal a darker underbelly… small bones scattered around the camp, a large cooking stew, and various cages containing tiny childlike skeletons inside.

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3 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #60 – Nagrand Orphanage”

  1. LesliePenguin Says:

    I know this has nothing to do with the podcast I’m commenting on, but I’m a huge fan of your site. I, myself, love flying around Azeroth and other zones looking for little details in areas without quests or that aren’t marked on the map, etc. I was wondering if you’d gotten any comments about the Circle of Life. I was flying in in Twilight Highlands one day. Near the border of the Wetlands. In (or right around) the North-Western corner there is a decent sized patch of grass in a circle. Decorated with a few flowers. Of course, I haven’t quested in the area enough to know if there are quests there. I just found it odd. It isn’t marked on the map. Either way, you can check for yourself. Or if there is a quest line leading there, let me know please so I don’t make a fool of myself haha. Again, either way, it’s still a neat place to visit and I thought I would share. I’ll keep coming back for new podcasts! Awesome site. :)

  2. Emmeraldas Says:

    Ok I had to check it out. I have known about this orphanage for years but never ventured behind the hut. Indeed there is a cage with a small skeleton. Although I found no bones scattered about the area. The pot is still bubbling. The dog has never been evident and there are 4 haunches cooking. Could be canine…….. :-). Could be a sinister cannibal …… mebbe?

  3. JuliaHB Says:

    I don’t know if this was here before the most recent Children’s Week, but the Nagrand “Orphanage” is not the only place that has babies. In the Shattrah orphanage there are a bunch of both Horde and Alliance babies. In this picutre, I named the ones you can see (my human ‘lock is in the foreground). There is also a Dwarf baby that can’t be seen in the picture. They are so adorable! Personally I’d love to see more children in Azeroth (and not just in the orphanages!)


    Also, here is a picture from mmo-champion of a Pandaren child…


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