Warcraft Less Traveled #62 – Message In A Bottle

Episode #62 Timecapsule: A long-forgotten quest, found off the coast of Stanglethorn Vale, offers explorers a chance to rescue a level 42 Tauren Princess. Yet, this won’t be easy. Courageous heroes must first find a Message In A Bottle – buried somewhere along the sandy beach. Once in hand, the message will lead adventurers on a quest to free Princess Poobah from King Mukla, a dangerous gorilla found on Juguero Isle. If you are brave enough to complete this secret quest-line, an uncommon mail armor bracer called Poobah’s Nose Ring will be your reward!

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5 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #62 – Message In A Bottle”

  1. Robert Waddell Says:

    Really enjoyed this episode.
    Listening to this has inspired me to go and try to find the bottle! :)

  2. Nightwill Says:

    I have fond memories of finding that bottle. Thanks for reminding me of them. Always a joy to listen to what you do – you do it so well!

  3. Nikko Nheij Says:

    Great episode, had no idea this even existed.

  4. Nine Says:

    I have a couple of places in Ashenvale you might be interested in looking into!
    1. Moonwell of Cleansing 60.19, 72.23
    2. Southern End of Falfarren River 59.35, 79.41
    3. Small graveyard along Falfarren River 64.57, 69.03
    4. Northern End of Falfarren River 75.80, 45.51

  5. Floggie Says:

    Hi, first off, great episode, had no idea about the bottle. Secondly, maybe something worth checking out if you havent done so already, I was cruising around the outside shore of winterspring and stumbled across a random patch of trees and a two part waterfall that spawns from a random rock and ends vanishing into another rock on the ground, heres the coords (77.5 , 68.5) May be something youve seen already ubt just wanted to put that out there. Thanks for the awesome videos!

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