Warcraft Less Traveled #74 – The 5 Ring of Dalaran

Episode #74: Over the years, Azeroth fisherman have reeled in a great number of interesting items… mostly trash, yet sometimes treasure. The crowning jewel for any angler is the incredibly elusive, ultra-rare item called The 5 Ring. This ring follows in a line of similar fishing-only discoveries: The 1 Ring and The 2 Ring. The 5 Ring can only be obtained as a reward from the Dalaran fishing dailies (Marcia Chase). Amazingly rare, The 5 Ring will only appear 3%-4% of the time inside a Tiny Titanium Lockbox, that only appears inside the Bag of Fishing Treasures 0.2% of the time.
My friends, get comfortable. If you choose to try your luck at obtaining The 5 Ring, chances of getting it are as good as 1 in 46 years.
Protip: Pack a hearty lunch… it may be awhile.

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One Response to “Warcraft Less Traveled #74 – The 5 Ring of Dalaran”

  1. Cymre Says:

    I gave up on that ring a long time ago. It was a nice thought while it lasted.

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