Warcraft Less Traveled #75 – Krasarang Wilds Stack of Papers

Episode #75: Found off the southern Krasarang Wilds coast, atop a rocky hill on Marista Island, a strange scene awaits every Pandaren explorer. Surrounded by seven small skeletons, a large metal hatch can be discovered (coordinates 52,73). Hidden next to the hatch, a special gray-quality item called Stack of Papers, can be looted from the ground. With a vendor price of 15g, the flavor text of the Stack of Papers offers the lost adventurer a puzzle to explain the scene: “It looks like a journal of some kind. The last entry: ‘05151212:01 SYSTEM FAILURE’. What could it mean?”. This unique item may be a combination of fun references to the Diablo 3 launch failures from May 15, 2012 AND the log printout message from the TV series Lost.

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2 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #75 – Krasarang Wilds Stack of Papers”

  1. Xanader-feathermoon Says:

    They really do love their lost don’t they (scholozar basin as well)

  2. Ranimal Says:

    Welcome back, been waiting for a new segment. if i remember right this isn’t the only reference in game to that event. maybe those skeletons are all those “hardcore” players who are forever dead due to the server issues. cant wait to hear more in the future I’m thoroughly addicted to your show, keep up the always great work =)

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