Warcraft Less Traveled #76 – Cro’akan, The Critter Guardian of Frog Island

Episode #76: On a small island (coordinates 18,70), off the southwestern coast of Krasarang Wilds, a mighty guardian NPC elite named Cro’akan protects the defenseless critters that live upon the island. Located west of the Cradle of Chi-Ji, this island is empty of quests, NPCs, or known achievements. However, this emerald island is populated by over 75 frog critters… allowing any lost adventurer to understand this destination’s unofficial name: Frog Island. Multiple small wooden signs are posted around Frog Island’s shoreline. Each sign depicts a drawing of an ominous-looking frog diving down into the water. Previous visitors to it’s shores may have attempted to warn all travelers to beware of disturbing the peaceful critter population living here. The three varieties of frog critters – Krasarang Frogs, Krasarang Tideskirters, Krasarang Croakers – all share the same respawn pool. Due to the quick & nearly-immediate respawn nature of these frogs, this destination provides the ideal place to earn the guild achievement, Critter Kill Squad. But beware! With each critter killed on Frog Island, there is a small chance of summoning their protector, Cro’akan!

  • Location Map: Frog Island of Krasarang Wilds
  • Cro’akan is a level 92 Gold Dragon Elite Critter – 8,431,000 Hit Points
  • Casts a single spell called Frog Justice resulting in instant-kill
  • Very low % spawn chance tied to critters killed on the island (calculated as .0002% spawn chance per critter killed, 1 in 5000 from personal experience)
  • Cro’akan spawn rate does not sppear to be time dependent & not impacted by server reboots
  • Loot table unknown

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7 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #76 – Cro’akan, The Critter Guardian of Frog Island”

  1. Cymre Says:

    Fantastic! I had wondered about that island. I’m kind of glad they did that though to make it harder for the achievement. We still don’t have it btw…

  2. Navimie Says:

    Now I must go investigate and screenshot it!

  3. Thomas McGhie Says:

    This is great! I’m glad you are still doing Warcraft Less Traveled.. I commented on a few of your old episodes too. Fantastic work, this instantly hit my top 3 WoW websites. I’d love to chat about places like this, Skolnick. If you have a youtube, feel free to write me. I left mine up there. ^

  4. Zytamb Says:

    I heard on DMH that once you start the shieldwall quests he goes away so i went and tried to summon him. I did summon him but he didn’t kill me, he just jumped in the air and then ran off to the south west. It didn’t seem to cast anything and I took no damage.

  5. Cain Says:

    After hearing about the frog god, I decided to take my level 90 Mage who had not yet started the Shieldwall quests, and started killing frogs, it took me about 15mins to get him to spawn, but to my surprise he just stood there, in the middle of the island looking at me. My heart jumped, I was so happy to see him, but was let down when he didn’t cast anything on me, it may just have been a lucky moment for my Mage though, cause after he darted off to the water I started killing once again, paying no attention to the fact that he had respawned right behind me after only killing about 50 or so frogs, to my shock I drooped dead, and started laughing, guess my luck ran out… I have not been back since.

  6. akspa Says:

    That island was used as a developer testing area during the closed beta. There was a quest there that would use different server-side scripting elements that were added into the game. The frogs were there back then too, along with the signs. I have yet to listen to this episode, so no idea if you already mentioned this or not.

  7. True Says:

    I just found your podcast and have been listening back through the episodes.

    Popped over to check this frog out, twas immune to interrupt on my warrior and mage. I haven’t managed to summon it on any other characters as the summon chance as you said is really low.

    Keep up the good work.

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