Warcraft Less Traveled #77 – The Steamy Romance Novels

Episode #77: Tales of wicked seduction exist in the lands of Azeroth. With each expansion in WoW, various Steamy Romance Novels have been introduced for players to find. With a total of 7 different volumes in all, the Steamy Romance Novels are readable, gray-quality books with very… um.. risque topics. For many years, most novels were only obtainable through pickpocketing certain high-level mobs. For this reason, these lesser-known items were rarely seen by players outside of rogues. This all changed with Mists of Pandaria! At appears that a certain rare elite NPC has become a big fan of the Steamy Romance Novels. Explorers can find a lvl 86 gnoll NPC, named Martar the Not-So-Smart, in north-eastern Jade Forest @(56.7, 33.1). When defeated, Martar has a chance to drop 1 of 6 Steamy Romance Novels. Adventurers who wish to complete their book collection must find help from an engineer to create a Blingtron 4000. The seventh novel, I’m In Love With a Robot, can only be found as a quest reward from Blingtron. The best part of collecting these once hard-to-find books is reading them for yourself… each offering a new perspective of their title character, Marcus.

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3 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #77 – The Steamy Romance Novels”

  1. Ozxander Says:

    There is one problem with your theory on the identity of Marcus. General Marucs Jonathan was killed during the bombing of Theramore. Thus he couldn’t be out exploring pandaria and finding love.

  2. Ranimal Says:

    I collected all of these through pick pocketing and AH and i have to admit the are all very amusing in their own right, im really glad there is a more farmable means or collecting them now. hot and steamy and forbidden love are probably the funniest.

  3. Kutiepi Says:

    But can it be him? It says warrior on the first book but refers to him as a pali the rest of the time… but maybe refering to him as a warrior in a sense that he fights?

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