Warcraft Less Traveled #79 – Shrine of the Unseen Force

Episode #79: Inside the Shado-Pan Monastery 5-man instance, a mysterious graveyard conceals the location of 2 invisible NPCs, a stone shrine, and a hidden spell buff. Found on a southwestern-central mountain cliff at coordinates (46,65), the instanced Shado-Pan Monastery hides an ornately-decorated Pandaran graveyard. Explorers to this far-removed area can discover two “Shado-Pan Assassin” NPCs, named Hakka and Jae Kuen. In addition, visitors will find a solitary shrine with a bizarre, swirling light called “Unseen Force”. By clicking on the Unseen Force Shrine, players will be given a hidden buff (Unerring Blades) that grants +90% to Hit. As the Mists of Pandaria expansion ends, most players in game today will never know that these unique features can be found here… making your opportunity to see it for yourself truly ‘less traveled’, indeed.

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3 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #79 – Shrine of the Unseen Force”

  1. Cymre Says:

    I always wondered about those archers. People are always in a rush to power though these dungeons, it’s a shame a lot of these little idiosyncrasies are missed. I’m quite intrigued by that buff.

  2. fa3sr011 Says:

    Another great find. So happy to see this site is still alive and look forward to sharing travels with you!

  3. Kojax Says:

    Just listened through the whole series, loved it! Visited many sites myself and loved the fact the I had stumbled across many of these places by accident during my travels over the years. Thank you!

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