Warcraft Less Traveled #80 – The Secret Aerie

Episode #80: Nested high in one of the isolated mountain regions of Pandaria, explorers can discover a noteworthy subzone called The Secret Aerie. Although accessible with a flying mount, game designers created a way for lost adventurers to make the beautiful journey into this hidden area entirely by foot. The Secret Aerie is home to various Pandaran Hawktrainer NPCs, each titled as ‘People of the Sky’. Various named NPCs have appeared in recent patches, however no known quests of achievements are associated with them. All hunters should take note of the lesser known, tamable Training Hawk (birds of prey) that are being trained by the People of the Sky. A highlight for explorers to this region is the interaction with Hawkmaster Liu, an interesting NPC who has unique voice acting & will respond to characters differently based on their questing experience with the Shado-Pan in Townlong.

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2 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #80 – The Secret Aerie”

  1. Toshmifune Says:

    Discovered your podcast and just love it. Went to see Lon’li Guju and was quite touched. Went to visit Hawkmaster Liu but was not able to tame any of the hawks in the Aerie. Still, following your recommendation to approach on foot via the bridges and stairs was a great thing to do.
    Thanks for your wonderful podcast.

  2. Mikkel Says:

    I love your work! Keep it going! :D I also would like to add that there are another strange hawk trainer futher south of the village, futher up on a hill, that is choping fish.. It is quite wierd and makes no sence why he is doing it, or why there.. i suppose it is for the view..

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