Warcraft Less Traveled #81 – Lon’li Guju

Episode #81: While exploring the northern coastlines of the Kun-Lai Summit zone, explorers should look skyward to catch sight of a wandering NPC named Lon’li Guju. This level 88, flying giant sea tortoise is friendly to both factions. The angelic-winged Lon’li Guju is a special in-game memorial to Lonesome George, the last of his subspecies of tortoise. Although Lonesome George died on June 24, 2012; he now lives on forever in Pandaria. All players who befriend Lon’li Guju by issuing a affectionate emote (/love /wave /hug) will trigger a secret event to occur… because of the player’s show of kindness, this solitary tortoise will follow the player throughout Pandaria for a short while. A memorial like Lon’li Guju not only brings a warm smile to any lost adventurer, but he also stands as a noble reminder of the wise quote: “the way to love anything is to realize that it may be lost”.

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2 Responses to “Warcraft Less Traveled #81 – Lon’li Guju”

  1. Bielessar Says:

    Great podcast!
    Call me emotional but i like going to Costa Coffee at every airport and just watching people going about their business. I start wondering what they are all thinking about! Maybe this is why this story resonated with me…

    I wonder what lonesome George was thinking about knowing that he was the last of his kind…

    What would you think about if you knew you were the last human on earth!

  2. Timofey Says:

    Hey, i
    m a big fan of your website, always enjoyed exploring WoW, going off the beaten track. Glad to see the Lonely George has been posted, that was one of the best things i encountered when leveling in MoP when it came out. Question – how do i get in touch with you to give you a couple of post ideas?

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