Warcraft Less Traveled #54 – Black Bear Camp and Dun Morogh Tree

Posted in Podcast Episodes on August 8th, 2011 by Skolnick

Episode #54 Timecapsule: Found in a secluded valley below the snow-capped mountains, explorers can discover the location of the “Dun Morogh Tree”. Situated not far from this unique Dun Morogh Tree, at coordinates (30.7, 25.7), a dwarven campsite has been overrun by a family of black bear. These black bear, a type found only in this frosty mountain valley, have chased two dwarves out of this camp and up the Dun Morogh Tree. The dwarves, named Jermaine Buckey and Anton Buckey, have found themselves hopelessly trapped in the tree by the attacking bears. Their humorous banter, concerning their predicament, highlights another secret location found in WoW that adds character and charm to Azeroth.

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