Warcraft Less Traveled #67 – Island of Doctor Lapidis

Posted in Podcast Episodes on May 1st, 2012 by Skolnick

Episode #67: The Island of Doctor Lapidis and Gillijim’s Isle are two forgotten subzones that never made it past the early alpha-testing of World of Warcraft. Found in the fatigue waters off the southwestern Stranglethorn Vale coast, the Island of Doctor Lapidis may have been an early attempt for Troll-specific leveling (originally marked for levels 10-22). Appearing on a few official game maps, Doctor Lapidis island shared the standard STV landscape and environmental textures. Although never activated with quests, the NPCs found on the island included Forest Trolls, Jungle Trolls, Ice Trolls, Humans, and Naga. The Island of Doctor Lapidis was removed from the official release of WoW, yet until patch 4.0.1a, it was possible to travel to the open-water location and have the island’s subzone title appear… even though the island was nowhere to be found!

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