Warcraft Less Traveled #46 – Hideout of Hermit Ortell

Posted in Podcast Episodes on April 26th, 2011 by Skolnick

Episode #46 Timecapsule: Named after Hermit Ortell, the secret mountain cave in eastern Dun Morogh was once titled Ortell’s Hideout. Not to be confused with WoW’s original “Ortell’s Hideout” cave found in Silithus, this mysterious Dun Morogh location was seen by very few players before the Cataclysm. Since the Shattering, the cave still exists in game – at coordinates 95,42 – but has been renamed “The Mountain Den”. Not only was this destination a difficult place for explorers to find before flying mounts, but entering Ortell’s Hideout in Dun Morogh used to automatically ‘zone’ you into the general chat channel of Silithus… strange magic indeed…

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