Warcraft Less Traveled #64 – Darkmoon Faire Sea Pony

Posted in Podcast Episodes on March 23rd, 2012 by Skolnick

Episode #64 Lost Adventurers Journal: A number of mysterious things are found throughout the Darkmoon Faire. Yet, explorers of all levels can acquire a pair of souvenirs that share a common theme… ponies! Learn how to earn the I Was Promised a Pony achievement for riding a special faire pony and how to fish up a rare Darkmoon Sea Pony from the boardwalk.

  • This Warcraft Less Traveled episode was produced for the Darkmoon Herald Podcast. The Darkmoon Herald is a WoW podcast hosted by my great friends Kevin, Apsana, and Walsh. I highly recommend you take a listen and subscribe to their full show at DarkmoonHerald.com

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