Warcraft Less Traveled #69 – Lordaeron Citizens

Posted in Podcast Episodes on May 22nd, 2012 by Skolnick

Episode #69 Lost Adventurers Journal: The Citizens of Lordaeron were betrayed by their Crowned Prince, Arthas. Years later, the empty courtyard of the Ruins of Lordaeron still hold their tortured souls. Explorers who venture into this dark courtyard, found above the present day Undercity, have the opportunity to find the hidden NPCs called the Lordaeron Citizens. The Lordaeron Citizen NPCs, who are invisible from view without the use of an Detect Invisibity spell, haunt these ruins for all eternity.

  • This Warcraft Less Traveled episode was produced for the Darkmoon Herald Podcast. The Darkmoon Herald is a WoW podcast hosted by my great friends Kevin, Apsana, and Walsh. I highly recommend you take a listen and subscribe to their full show on iTunes or at DarkmoonHerald.com

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