Warcraft Less Traveled #63 – Echoes Of Lordaeron

Posted in Podcast Episodes on March 18th, 2012 by Skolnick

Episode #63 Timecapsule: Above the present-day Undercity, the Ruins of Lordaeron have preserved its tragic history for all to discover. Years earlier, a corrupted Arthas returned home to murder his father, King Terenas. Instead of being their hero, upon his return, the celebration presented by the Lordaeron citizens was turned to sorrow. Explorers of the Ruins of Lordaeron can hear the hidden sounds of the day Arthas betrayed the Kingdom. By listening very closely to the ambient sounds, visitors here can hear haunting sound files. In the abandoned bell tower, the bell sounds can be faintly heard. In the empty walkway leading to the throne room: the cheering crowd welcomes Arthas. Yet, in the throne room, explorers will find the echoes of the final confrontation between father and son.

  • Command line script to hear the throne room echoes anywhere in game:
  • /script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\\Ambience\\WMOAmbience\\UnderCityThorneRoom.wav”)

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