Warcraft Less Traveled #55 – Steam Pools Resort

Posted in Podcast Episodes on August 29th, 2011 by Skolnick

Episode #55 Timecapsule: Introduced in the southern mountains of Feralas with patch 4.1, the Gadgetzan Goblins have founded a hidden “vacation” destination called The Steam Pools Resort. Run by gobin Resort Director Lasha Gearwheel, the Steam Pools is a well designed subzone @(70,73) that is formed around a number of warm mountain lakes. The resort is made up a numerous NPC vacation houses, a Head Chef NPC named Gordon Tramsay, an NPC named Johnny Awesome, a large sandy beach, and dozens of horde/alliance NPC races found relaxing near the lakeshore. There are no current quests/achievements associated with the Steam Pools Resort – aside from this sub-zone’s use during the Mysterious Grey Camel Figurine event. The Steam Pools is a fun, in-game destination that showcases dwarves, humans, blood elves, and Tauran NPC clad in swimsuits and bikinis… whether you were prepared to see them, or not.

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